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The Village of Tourrettes Sur Loup

Tourrettes is a beautiful medieval village perched on a narrow outcrop of land extending from very rocky hills, with the gorge below one high wall of buildings. Tourrettes was a fortified village, and the arched passages remain through the wall of houses in three places into the center of the "vieux village".

Once a major weaving centre it is now known, throughout the world, as 'La Cité des Violettes' for its cultivation of violets and yearly 'Fête des Violettes', held on the first or second week of March to mark the end of the violet season.

Tourrettes Village

It has kept its natural simplicity and old world charm, this simplicity has attracted a number of artists and craftsmens throughout the years to settle in the “vieux village”. Here you will find potters, weavers, engravers, sculptors and painters all happy to invite you in to discover their creations of original and unique work.

More recently, other artists and film professionals have chosen Tourrettes as their home, amongst these are Claude Lelouche, Marthe Keller, Guy Bedos and the English artist Martin Rhys-Jones.

Cote D'Azur Countryside

The surrounding hills are terraced and were onced used to cultivate vines, wheat and beans. Nowadays it is the turn of Bigaradier orange trees (a small bitter orange used in the making of Curaçao liqueur, jams and Orange Flower Water).

The village is backed by a range of hills, from the Puy de Tourrette (1268 m) to the hills around the Col de Vence. Two km west of the village, past the Pic de Courmettes (1248 m), the Loup river cuts through the deep Gorges du Loup at the foot of Gourdon Bar-sur-Loup. The Loup passes along the edge of the commune, a couple of km south of the village carrying its name.

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